Track Action

What is a Recreational Motorcycle Ride Day?

Ride days are exciting and fun on track experiences for all riders from first timers through to seasoned track day junkies who prefer riding on a closed race track environment rather than public roads. We cater for all levels of riders with four individual groups that a rider can chose from according to their experience and ability. Our Ride Days are not a race or race practice days, they are aimed squarely at the leisure ride day motorcyclists wanting to have a fun day at the track.

If you want to test the speed and limits of your motorbike in a controlled environment, without speed cameras, other cars, or other hazards that you get on the road then a ride day is a great way to spend the day riding and socialising with like-minded enthusiasts and mates.

The Four Groups You Can Enter:

Formula Group / For entry level riders and those who prefer to ride at a casual pace.

GT Group / For riders who want to take a step up in pace from the Formula Group.

Corsa Group / For advanced riders who have experience and pace beyond either the Formula or GT groups.

FX Group / A group for the most experienced riders with dedicated track bikes who ride at pace beyond the other three groups.

*Please note RACERS Track Actions reserves the right to recommend that a rider move to another group when we believe it is in the riders and the other riders of the group they are entered in best interests.


All participants must hold at least a RACERS Clubman one day Licence, which provides personal accident cover. There is the option of a one-day licence for $20 or a yearly licence for $65 which if you are going to do multiple ride days then works out at better value plus reduces the time required to enter the day and or at sign on.
Not only can this licence be used to ride your bike, it can also be used at any event Accredited by RACERS at many venues.

All riding gear must be in good condition with no obvious faults or structural damage.

FULL LEATHERS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL RACERS RIDE DAYS – It can be either a one-piece or two-piece that zips up all the way around.

Your motorcycle will need to be in a well maintained and good condition to be allowed on the track.

Ride Day Options

‘WHAT IF’ COVER $49.95 allows you to transfer your prepaid entry to another available day.

Event transfer protection for you the rider, to purchase with your Track day spot. Insures you against losing the cost of your Track day due to circumstances beyond your control.
So "What If" coverage protects you for example against:

  • Your bike is now not going
  • It’s the day or even week before and rain is forecast
  • You are sick or injured
  • A family member/friend passes away
  • Your work roster changes and now I have to work

Whatever the circumstances, the "What If " Cover gives you peace of mind that you have flexibility to move your prepaid ride day to another date on the calendar. It enables a credit to be issued for 12 months at no additional cost to you, no stress and no worries! This cover must be purchased at time of booking and can be redeemed at any other RACERS Track Action day that has spots available.
You can use your WHAT IF Cover up until till 8.30am on the day of the event that you have purchased the cover for.

Plus you can buy the ‘What If’ cover and any other RACERS Track Action Day products with confidence as all RACERS Track Actions are now organised and run by Queensland Raceway’s own in house service provider.

HIRE GEAR $75.00

If you Don't have your own - Or if you'd just like to use ours! Included in the $75 hire price are the leathers, boots, gloves and a helmet if you need them. *please note sizing is subject to availability and damage costs Apply

COST: $75.00 for entire kit and or if you are only need one product
IE : Helmet the cost is still $75.00.

GARAGE HIRE per bike: $50.00 Lakeside Park Raceway, $25.00 Queensland Raceway. Carports at either venue are included in the entry fee.

Positions in a powered Garage is available for hire for customers who need 240v power to plug in ie: Tyre warmers, Radios, Power tools, etc .
Great for cold days or for a more secure place to keep your bike and gear.

Please Note: there is a limit of just 10 garage spaces at Lakeside.

PHOTO PACKAGE $55.00 per rider

Get a Photo Package! At every ride day we have a professional photographer on track taking amazing shots of riders at various points around the track. To ensure you have plenty of great snaps and to receive them before anyone else make sure to pick yourself up a Photo Pack! Photo will be emailed to you on next business day after the event or you can pay extra $15.00 to have the photos on a USB drive.

Running list for the days at QR and Lakeside Park




Gates Open (Sign-On & Scrutineering Commences)


Compulsory Riders Briefing


Sessions Begin

12:30pm (approx.)

Lunch Break


Sessions Re-Commence


End of Day at QR* (4.30pm for Lakeside Park Raceway)

Radar's Suspension Service

Who is Dave ‘RADAR’ Cullen? Radar as he has become known from his time as a suspension guru on the world stage for some of the best racers at both MotoGP and MX World Championship level has a lifetime of experience making poorly set up motorcycles become competitive machines both on the world stage and at home here in Australia. His resume includes team manager for both the Yamaha Superbike Race Team for a number of years and later on for the Australian Kawasaki Superbike Team. He now brings all of that vast knowledge and experience to our ride days with an introductory suspension set up service.

$149.00 Inc Includes a 10% discount voucher for tyre purchase on the day (max two sets of tyres). *Please note does not apply to run out on the day tyre specials.

If you haven’t had your suspension set up for the track, then this package is ideal for you.

Benefits: Tyre wear, better lap times, rider fatigue, stability.

Dave Cullen ie Radar will spend time in the morning setting up your motorcycle/rider sag, please note each customer will be allocated a specific service time slot according to the order of bookings received and group entered.

Then throughout the day he will adjust your suspension and check your tyre wear. Next business day after the event you will receive suspension set up chart with adjustments made. And an information pack with possible next stage potential upgrades along with a costing.

Upcoming Events

14 Jul Sat Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
18 Aug Sat Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
26 Aug Sun Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
15 Sep Sat Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
1 Oct Mon Queensland Raceway $180.00 BOOK
13 Oct Sat Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
1 Nov Thu Queensland Raceway $160.00 BOOK
10 Nov Sat Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
24 Nov Sat Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
2 Dec Sun Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
14 Dec Fri Lakeside Park $180.00 BOOK
21 Dec Fri Queensland Raceway $160.00 BOOK