RACERS is easy for the user. Paperwork is reduced to a minimum and designed for you to spend less time filling in forms.


RACERS is run by Motor Sport people and is responsive to your events needs. Claims management is provided by expert group Proclaim


Documentation is developed specifically for Motor Sport use. It has been designed to be read and understood by ordinary motor sport people.  You don’t need a lawyer to interpret rules and regulations.


RACERS provides dedicated support for event operators.  The support comes in many different forms from just being there to answer questions to providing access to services to help your event get over the line.

Who we are

RACERS was first formed in 2001 and was a major part of a group seeking to source motor sport Insurance that suited the needs of modern day event organisers.  Since then RACERS has lead the way developing a strong set of motor sport operation guidelines and principles that enhance the participants experience.


RACERS operates a $50 Million dollar Insurance policy from a worldwide A+ rated Insurer.  It also operates policies for Personal Accident and Professional Indemnity.  The policy is an Australian Motorsport first being a year policy which gives security in an uncertain industry.  With RACERS having such well regarded insurance it is backed up by the level of cover from passengers to spectators to Officials the RACERS coverage is first class.

Event Managers Supported

Accredited Events

Licences Issued

Current Active Licence Holders

What clients say

Tampered Motorsport

Tampered Motorsport has used RACERS sanctioning on a number of occasions. RACERS has allowed us to expand our Track days to other venues and provides great support so we can get on with running our events hassle free.