Sprints are one of the most popular motorsports activities available, catering to the general enthusiasts who just wants to challenge himself against the clock at a specialised motor sport venue. RACERS sanctions hundreds of sprints per year at both permanent circuits and temporary street venues.

Sprints for drivers at RACERS events means that you have the convenience of obtaining your licences online and a seasonable set of guidelines to prepare your car to make it safe enough for the activity and a detailed driver’s briefing at the event for yourself and others competing.

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For organisers the RACERS system makes it easy to market to potential customers as the sensible guidelines makes it easy for drivers to become involved. RACERS has a full set of services to make running a sprint event easier for the organiser and take the stress out of event management. A strong set of easy to follow risk management principles means the event is conducted in a safe manner with as little fuss as possible. We have all been there and tried to fill out 100 of pages of paperwork for an event, well RACERS makes all that easier with a minimal amount as possible with plenty of assistance from the helpful RACERS staff.

Upcoming events
22 Oct 2020 Night Sprints Round 4 Queensland Raceway See details
1 Nov 2020 SCMSC Round 10 - Doonan Doonan See details
21 Nov 2020 Sunshine Coast Motorsport Club DTC Sprint - Round 11 Lakeside Park DTC See details
22 Nov 2020 General Practice & Ipswich Open Sprints Rd 5 Queensland Raceway See details
2 Dec 2020 Ipswich Mid-Week Sprints Rd 5 Queensland Raceway See details
9 Dec 2020 Lakeside Mid-Week Sprints Rd 5 Lakeside Park See details
9 Dec 2020 SCMSC Sunshine Coast Sprints Round 12 Lakeside Park See details
20 Dec 2020 General Practice & Lakeside Open Sprints Rd 5 Lakeside Park See details