Drifting is fast becoming one the more popular forms of motorsport in Australia and a round the world. Drifting is the skill of taking corners sideways whilst producing smoke from the tyres. Keeping an out of control car, under control. The skill level required is high for top line drifting but it is very easy to get involved and have some fun with your car for the novices.

RACERS sanctions many drift events around the country. Drifting events are held regularly with the biggest events being the popular Drift Matsuri’s. RACERS sanctions the biggest drift festival in Australia, the Queensland Raceways Drift Matsuri’s held twice annually at Queensland Raceway.

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Organisers, Sanctioning Drift events under RACERS is easy. RACERS takes the hassle out of your event and makes it as easy as possible for you to get on with getting sideways.

Drivers in RACERS drift events require a competition licence. A RACERS Clubman licence can be purchased online.