Sep 17

What's on near you in October

Get to the track at these RACERS accredited events for October! 
Come on out and join in the fun.

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Jul 3

It's time to get back to the Track

Sick of Staying at Home? Get Back to the track this month at these RACERS accredited Events.

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Jun 19

It's time to get Back to the Track


Sick of staying at home?



We're excited! Restrictions are slowly lifting.


Get to the track this weekend at these RACERS sanctioned events!

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May 18
Apr 6

What’s Happening with QR & COVID?

As a major and continuous supplier of outdoor events QR has had to review its calendar of events and find a strategy that will let you, our customers, continue to enjoy our events and venues within the constraints the authorities bring down in their battle to get COVID under control and keep us healthy.

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May 23

New Model Control Tyre Information For 2019 Dunlop Super Series

For the first time in three years there will be all new latest model Dunlop Control tyres at the Dunlop Super Series. Dunlop has stepped up big time with a brand new range of control tyre that was first introduced this year at the ASBK and has become the tyre to beat.

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May 22

Dunlop Super Series Invitation to Race

Australian Road and Track Rider Promotions Pty Ltd is proud to announce the 4 round  2019 Dunlop Super Series.

Rnd1 Sunday July 21 Queensland Raceway  Rnd2 Sunday August 25 Lakeside Park  
Rnd3 Sunday September 22 Queensland Raceway  Rnd4 Sunday November 3 Lakeside Park
** Classes Superbike A&B, Superbike C&D, Supersport 600, AM-Sport 600, Formula Oz, Pre-2K, P5/P6, Supersport 300-400 & Race Your Mates

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May 21

Moto DNA Partners with RACERS.WORLD


motoDNA Riders Academy powered by Yamaha (motoDNA) has partnered with the RACERS group to become the exclusive motorcycle academy at RACERS sanctioned Ride Days.

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