What’s Happening with QR & COVID?

As a major and continuous supplier of outdoor events QR has had to review its calendar of events and find a strategy that will let you, our customers, continue to enjoy our events and venues within the constraints the authorities bring down in their battle to get COVID under control and keep us healthy.

We are hoping that the authorities will continue to recognise that outdoor events on large venues like ours with ample opportunity to maintain the recommended social distancing does not pose the same risk as a dance party in a church hall. However, it is possible they will have to resort to a full lock down of all public gatherings in the near future. Public gatherings will be high on their priority scale for some time yet, and it is reasonable to assume there will be one rule for all types of events in the next month.

To minimise your inconvenience we will try to maintain an accurate 4 week rolling window of events we expect to deliver through our calendar. Events outside that window should be treated as tentative and a late postponement can still occur due to new regulations coming out in that four week period. In other cases, the regular patrons will advise that they do not want us to run the event. In either case there will be little notice that we can give.

When you need to know if a particular event is being postponed your most convenient and up-to-date source of information will be either the QR Calendar (calendar.qldraceways.com.au) or the RACERS calendar (racers.world/calendar).

Obviously we are in the hands of the authorities but if possible we will not cancel events - only postpone them or modify the delivery mechanisms to fit within the rules. An example of this could be to provide the full menu of races for a two day meeting but only run half the categories on each day so that we can keep the number of participants under the limit that has been set for these events. The situation is very fluid but there are a number of club championships relying on QR providing events for them, so it is our intention to only postpone events NOT to cancel them if at all possible.

If you have already paid to enter either a QR or TrackAction event and you wish to cancel your entry you will receive a full refund less the cost of any commissions paid; otherwise we will just move your credit to the new date for the event. In the event we do have to cancel events you will automatically receive a full refund for your entry.

Rest assured you, our customers, are our most important asset and you will always be treated with the respect and consideration you deserve.

John Tetley
CEO ~ Qld Raceways

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