Motorised Activities

RACERS can sanction a wide variety competition motor sport activities, such as Drifting, Sprints, 1/8 mile drag racing, Bitumen and Dirt Karts and recreational activities such as Cruising,and also multi day events comprising a mixture of these activities.  RACERS has accredited events all over Australia and New Zealand..

RACERS has also developed an extensive set of risk management principles that has Lloyds of London syndicate insurers backing their sanctioned events. RACERS is covered by a $50 Million dollar Public Liability policy, a Professional Indemnity policy and a Personal Accident policy that are all extended to you depending on what cover your RACERS sanctioned event requires.

Motorsport Insurance is almost impossible for the small operator to obtain themselves and  RACERS, through its large buying power and excellent risk management has obtained this highly rated world wide insurance coverage and can now offer this to RACERS clients at a competitive price.

RACERS is much more than just an insurance provider for your motor sport activities. RACERS has extensive skills in developing rules, risk management guidelines and codes of conducts which allow your potentially new activity to be conducted in a professional and safe manner More importantly it can be tailored to you and your customers needs. RACERS understands not every motorised activity falls into the same operation of rule books and at some activities need specific guidelines to make them a success. RACERS flexibility is its true advantage in the market making it the ideal choice to sanction your event. If your event addresses the risk management issues, then RACERS will be proud to provide support.

If it has a motor, and you want to enjoy it, talk to RACERS and we will help you develop a great event and a great venue..