RACERS Licence expiry date extensions:

RACERS has been waiting to see how the COVID-19 situation played out before announcing how it will extend the expiry dates on your RACERS licence. We considered a flat 90 day extension but decided that was not the fairest way to do it. Different people have been affected in different ways, including financially, so we developed a more flexible and appropriate system for deferring the expiry dates for you.

Since March 23rd, every night the RACERS licence Management System has been adding one day to the expiry date of your licence and it will continue to do so until the next time you use it at a RACERS sanctioned event. In other words, we stopped the clock on your licence; if it had 180 days to run on March 23rd it will still have 180 days to run the next time you use it. The clock will NOT start counting down again until either 1st January 2021 or from the date you next use it.

If you have any questions or queries please contact RACERS on 1800722377.

John Tetley

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