Moto DNA Partners with RACERS.WORLD

16th May 2019.

motoDNA partners with RACERS.WORLD

motoDNA Riders Academy powered by Yamaha (motoDNA) has partnered with the RACERS group to become the exclusive motorcycle academy at RACERS sanctioned Ride Days.

In an industry leading strategic initiative, motoDNA will deliver rider training during RACERS sanctioned motorcycle ride days at Lakeside Park Raceway, Queensland Raceway and Barbagallo Raceway in WA, improving customer experience and safety at the venues.

motoDNA CEO Mark McVeigh, seen pictured above with RACERS CEO John Tetley, said: “I’m very excited to partner with John Tetley and the RACERS group. Together we can bring the motorcycle racetrack experience to a whole new level.”

The agreement also paves the way for the RACERS to integrate motoDNA’s rider safety research and technology into its events.

General Manager of RACERS Terry O’Neill commented “We at RACERS.WORLD are always looking at ways to be involved with industry leaders in each field of recreational and competitive motoring activities and especially when there is a cross over with driver and or rider training that will help produce more skilled and safer riders and drivers on both the public roads right through to our chosen path of growing motorsport from the grass roots up and motoDNA more than fit that bill for motorcycle rider training services at both for entry and advanced levels. motoDNA’s expertise in rider training will be utilised to provide mandatory entry level ride day training for all participants who are new to recreational ride days at no extra cost to the riders. This initiative between RACERS.WORLD and motoDNA is a win win scenario for all stakeholders involved at our sanctioned ride days as well as providing the riders who come to our ride days with a skill set that will lift their level of riding competence and safety both on the street riding to work or on their favourite stretch of country road on Sundays right through to the ongoing ride day experience they will have with us.”

motoDNA will deliver training initially in the induction group before phasing in advanced rider training products across all RACERS sanctioned ride day groups at Lakeside Park, Queensland Raceway and Barbagallo Raceway.

Book online:

Lakeside Park & Queensland Raceway’s

Barbagallo Raceway

About motoDNA

motoDNA is Australia’s leading track-based motorcycle academy, delivering high quality training across Australia.

motoDNA have developed the world’s first algorithms that use data driven video technology to measure and grade riders automatically from data sensor fusion.

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