Covid 19 Update from one of our accredited venues

COVID-19 Recovery Announcement - Stage 2:

QR is now allowed to accommodate 10 customers at a time. To look after as many customers as possible, each day will be split into multiple two hour Blocks commencing from 0800 and running up to 22:00. The two hour Blocks are available to individuals, categories and organisations. Blocks can be used for multiple activities like Test & Tune, Moto Ride sessions, Sprints, Drifting, Roll Racing and new products like OSSS (Off Street Speed Sessions) etc. Old favourites like Off Street Drags and Happy Laps will return when the restriction of 10 is raised to an economic level.
Blocks are available on weekends and a limited number of weekdays at both tracks. Weekend blocks cost $1800 for a private group of 10 or $180 per individual customer; weekdays are $1200 and $120 respectively.

Why the two hour limit?

The limit of two hours is a compromise to minimise the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission whilst giving you sufficient time to do something worthwhile. In addition to requiring Social Distancing being observed at all times; QR will be separating the vehicles by blanking off every second carport to help with the Social Distancing.

You will be required to have the COVIDSafe app operational on your phone whilst on the premises. This is a fair requirement as you’re in the proximity of people at the venue for much more than the 15 minutes that is currently considered an acceptable risk exposure period. If the risk of causing death or bankruptcy to another person is outweighed by your need to hide something; we do not want you to come to the venue until COVID-19 is a distant memory.

Our aim is to make the tracks available as often as possible to as many as possible BUT with the best protection for you and the people you live and work with.

How does the two hour limit work?

You email the office ( with what you want to do and approximately when. You also tell us if you’re looking for a group Block or you’re on your own. QR then organises the Blocks to supply what you and/or your group asks for and checks that the dates work for you - seeemple ‘eh?

As an example, a day might start with a Block of T&T for the QRS&S then have an open T&T Block for individuals. Starting at 12:00, 2 Blocks of Sprints, one open and one for a club, then Blocks for Drifters, OSSS and finally a Block of Roll Racing.

Hopefully it will not be very much longer before we can put more people on the track at one time and start organising race meetings again.

Thank you for sticking with us whilst we continue to work back to the good old days.

Thanks again - JT & the QR Crew.

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