What is a Recreational Motorcycle Ride Day?

Ride days are exciting and fun on track experiences for all riders from first timers through to seasoned track day junkies who prefer riding on a closed race track environment rather than public roads. We cater for all levels of riders with four individual groups that a rider can chose from according to their experience and ability. Our Ride Days are not a race or race practice days, they are aimed squarely at the leisure ride day motorcyclists wanting to have a fun day at the track.

If you want to test the speed and limits of your motorbike in a controlled environment, without speed cameras, other cars, or other hazards that you get on the road then a ride day is a great way to spend the day riding and socialising with like-minded enthusiasts and mates.

13 Jun Sat Barbagallo Raceway $190.00 BOOK
11 Jul Sat Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
16 Jul Thu Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
1 Aug Sat Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
16 Aug Sun Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
29 Aug Sat Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
5 Sep Sat Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
23 Sep Wed Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
27 Sep Sun Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
11 Oct Sun Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
17 Oct Sat Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
31 Oct Sat Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
8 Nov Sun Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
21 Nov Sat Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK
28 Nov Sat Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
6 Dec Sun Queensland Raceway $190.00 BOOK
19 Dec Sat Lakeside Park $210.00 BOOK